Utamarou des Deux Pottois +


Multiple Belgian Champion

Utamarou des Deux Pottios was born on the 22 nd of Februari 1996 from father Sim des Deux Pottios and mother Ophelie des Deux Pottios and is one of the last from the " des Deux Pottios " -Kennel.

Utamarou was a very impressive dog and he had tremendous working abilities . Utamarou had a strong temperament and showed extremely high working and biting drives. This was uttered in the three disciplines: tracking, obedience and bitework. These characteristics see to it that Utamarou has a powerful and solid grip and was an excellent at tracking.
He was an extremely stable dog, where you could always count on.

Utamarous competition history says it all. At 18 months IPO I, at 19 months IPO II, Belgian Youth Champion IPO II at 20 months and IPO III at 21 months. His first World Championship was played when he was 26 months old. From then on he kept on competing at a top level. During these years he became Belgian Champion three times in a row and two times Champion of Belgian Shepherds.

Even as a stud dog Utamarou has proved that he has good qualities. There are already several successful descendants in IPO (one even selected for the World Championships), Belgian Ring and KNPV.
Utamarous tremendous qualities are also one of the reasons why I started up Kennel-van-de-Utadreef.

We said good-bye to Utamarou (Rico) at 13 years. All those years he was a faithful and fantastic dog. Thanks for all the beautiful years.

Utamarou was chosen by the Flemish public to GHP Topdog all times!

Congratulations Utamarou (Rikske) with this beautiful title, you earned him.

  • 2 times Belgian Champion Belgian Shepherds
  • 3 times 2e place Belgian Championship Belgian Shepherds
  • 12 participations Worldchampionships
  • 3 times Belgian Champion FCI
  • 2 times 3e place at the Worldhampionchips
  • 5 times top 10 at the Worldhampionchips
  • Mutiple winner CAC trials
  • Frozen Semen available - More information contact me by e-mail:  geert_ver@hotmail.com

Utamarou des Deux Pottois